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Norhard in full operation with new owners

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

After a difficult period Norhard AS was terminated on the 1st of November 2020. At the end of the same month, we were back in operation again with new owners. We are now in full activity again and looking forward to completing the drilling projects which were started prior to November 1. Furthermore, we will be taking on new assignments.

We look forward to continuing the good relationships that have been built up with existing customers. Going forward, we will also place emphasis on further developing technology and equipment to offer efficient solutions and a wide range of solutions in overlapping productions.

Our new main owners are Fiskå Maskin Holding, where Brødrene Nordbø and BR Industrier are the main shareholders.

Fiskå Maskin Holding currently consists of the companies Fiskå Maskin AS, Kai & Anlegg AS, Ryfylke Stein AS and now Norhard AS.

Brødrene Nordbø AS is an industrial group with businesses in real estate, agriculture and electronic production. The company has 350 employees in Norway / Sweden and is headquartered in Strand municipality. Brødrene Nordbø AS was established in 1895 and has a turnover of NOK 2 billion.

BR Industrier AS is an industrial group with companies in agriculture, oil and energy, mechanical production and surface treatment. The group has 1000 employees in Norway / Sweden with headquarters in Sandnes. BR Industrier AS was established in 1985, and through its industrial journey has completed several major re-establishments. The group has a budgeted turnover of NOK 3 billion in 2019.

The owners have already become well acquainted with the business and are working actively to support operations and further the development of the company with the aim of ensuring good and efficient services and solutions.

With respect to the customers who were affected by the bankruptcy as well as the employees, it has been important for us to get started again as quickly as possible. We know that there is a lot of unique competence in the people who have previously worked in Norhard, and we are very happy that almost everyone has chosen to stay with us!

Now we will focus on our strengths, both from within the company, and from the experiences our new owners have with them, to create a healthy and solid operation that justifies all the exceptional technology Norhard is full of!

We look forward to boldness, good humour, and uninhibited entrepreneurship to create more good stories for countryside and country!

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