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The Norhard environmentally friendly drilling system consists of all the necessary equipment for drilling tunnels. This equipment can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Remote controlled equipment, travelling inside the rock

  2. Different drill string solutions

  3. Surface equipment

Some unique characteristics for the Norhard technology:

  • No emissions and near-silent operation

  • Fully electric operated

  • Remotely controlled

  • Integrated systems for navigation and steering enabling drilling along predefined curves

  • Non-rotating drill string

  • Drilling on ascent from a few degrees and up

Norhard offer tailor made project solutions.

The composition of equipment is expertly chosen (or can be adapted) to meet the projects specific needs, length, elevation, deviation angle, diameter and actual geological conditions.


Traditional Drill and blast Solution


Norhard Solution



Directional Drilling:

  • Deviation < 1 m per 1000 m drilled distance

Directional Drilling over elevations:

  • 0 - 1000 m of difference in upward elevation


  • In steps from 0.38 m up to 1.5 m


  • Up to 3 km


Norhard enables development of hydropower plants at locations currently unfeasible due to cost, technical or environmental challenges.

  • Drilling from bottom and up following predefined curves over long distances and large differences in elevation

  • Eliminates the need of building temporary access roads to the mountain top

  • Integrated systems for navigation and steering with high grade of accuracy

Under you can see a profile and plan example from an earlier hydro power project:


Pressureshaft profile



Although Norhard's drilling technology has mainly been used for drilling pressure shaft tunnels for Hydropower plants, the technology is also ideal for infrastructure projects.


Despite being relativly new to the infrastructure market, Norhard has already implemented projects for:

  • Water supplies

  • District heating

and the opportunities are many:

  • Water supply and drainage

  • District heating

  • High voltage infrastructure


  • Environmentally friendly

  • Trenchless ciities and landscape

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