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Watch the movie: Drilling and assembly of the tunnel for the NordLink project at Tonstad

Updated: May 14, 2019

Published 20th September 2018

At Tonstad in Norway, Statnett is building an alternating current to direct current rectifier station for a new cable connection to Germany - NordLink.

For this project, Norhard has delivered a 580 m long tunnel with a diameter of 0.7 m. The tunnel was drilled from the station area, directly into the transverse tunnel to the inlet tunnel to Tonstad Kraftverk power station. Statnett will use the tunnel for supcplying water to the fire extinguishing system for the station. The tunnel will also be used by Norsk Ørret in order to extract heat from the water-cooled rectifier station for heating a new fish farm for trout which will be established in connection with the development of Tonstad Kraftverk.

In addition to delivering a drilling solution, Norhard has also been responsible for the installation of isolated district heating pipes inside the tunnel.

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