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Tunnel for new water pipe in Mo i Rana

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Published 27th August 2018

On behalf of the Rana Municipality, Norhard have delivered a tunnel for the new water supply Langneset - Åga in Mo i Rana. The tunnel has a diameter of 0.7 m, a length of 925 m and was drilled with an increase of only 2.6° angle. A high level precision was required while drilling due to the small margin at the exit point and height difference between the endpoints. When withdrawing the drilling equipment, a threadwire will be simultaneously threaded and be used to pull the PE cables through the tunnel. The drilling equipment is now rigged to drill a second tunnel which will also be included in the same water supply system.

Ken Arne smiles after checking that the point of impact of the drill bit is where it should.

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