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Rigging up to drill for a new power plant at Kjerringnes in Sogn og Fjordane!

Updated: May 14, 2019

Published 28th October 2018

Kjerringnes, in the scenic county of Sogn og Fjordane is without road access - personnel and equipment must therefore take the waterway!

Norhard's project managers are handpicked for their experience. Sven Inge Dåtland, is the project manager for the Kjerringes project. His extensive experience from both the Offshore Industry, has provided the project with painless implementation of transport for our brand-new super rig over lake Veitastrand.

Norhard are now in a period of extensive rigging up and preparation for drilling the 1500 m long shaft with a diameter of 1.2 m and an elevation difference of 500 m from lake Veitastrand and up to the intake high up on the mountain. With winter approaching there is an urgent need to prepare the equipment and facilities for safe operation throughout the winter.

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